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Happy Birthday Pure Photoshop Actions

So in honor if Pure’s first birthday (can you believe it…one year and moving toward 30k fans…WOW!) you have a special photo challenge!

For this challenge we need photos celebrating a birthday. The point of this challenge is to spark your creativity. Make it fun. Make it unique. Make it pure! Remember this is in honor of these wonderful ladies who bring us these marvelous actions!

1. You may post your best 2 photos sized no larger than 600 px on the longest side.
2. You may use photoshop to edit your photos.
3. You have until midnight on September 23 to get your entries in and posted here in this thread.
4. Have fun!
Oh and to add to the challenge, the winner will receive an action set of their choosing!
Have fun and happy birthday Pure!!!!


Attention Winners & All Others…

FINALLY! I managed to correct the computer phone syncing process and I can post the flyers!!

Winners of the contest, I will also be Sending this to your email just for safe measure!

Please contact me ASAP about your time slot! I will update the available times as often as I can!

I also have seven openings for anyone else who would like a discounted session!! Move quick, time slots go fast!

And I know, I still need to get pics of the backdrops…working on it! We have just been swamped!!

Much love to all!

The Winners Are….

Good morning!

So after spending 2 hours fighting and growling with Facebook, I finally got the votes counted! So without further ado…

The siblings winners are : Jade & Jolie and Julian & Azelea
The cutest kid winners are : Jessy & Christian
The cutest toddler winners are : Nina & Suvi
The cutest baby winners are : Hayden & Rylie

I will be setting up time blocks here shortly and the winners will be allowed to choose the first of the time blocks.

So in my announcement news…if you didn’t win this time around, do not worry! I have another contest coming up at the beginning of September! Keep an eye out for it!

In other announcement news, if you did not win this go around or you weren’t able to enter, I will be doing short and sweets (mini sessions) the same day as the contest winners! These short and sweets are also brought to you at a very discounted price!!! These sessions will cost $15.00 (original value is $35.00) plus the purchase of prints (high resolution CDs may only be purchased after the minimum print requirement of $25.00 has been met.) through my professional print lab.

And one more announcement! I will be on the Texas gulf coast this weekend, more specifically Port Aransas. I will have a little bit of time for 3-5 early morning shoots on the beach! I am working on a flyer as soon as I am done with this post that will contain all of the information and portrait packages!

Ok, so I am done for now…will be back later with more info!

Let The Voting Begin!

You may now start voting in the cutest kid contest!

Here is how it works:
1. You must go to and like the page.
2. After you have liked the page you may then go to the galleries. They are divided into groups, Babies – Newborn – 1, Children 5 – 10 and Siblings. There is no toddler group as I only had 2 entries and they automatically win their division!
3. To vote you MUST leave a comment stating that this is the child you wish to vote for. You may NOT like a photo to have it count as a vote! (new rule on Facebook for contests)
4. The boy and girl in babies and children categories with the most votes will win free sessions. The two sibling groups with the most votes will win free sessions as well!
5. You may ask anyone to vote for your child but please remember to play nice! I will have a special announcement to make on August 15th with announcement of the winners so be good or I will take it away!

Okay so have fun and start voting for those precious lil ones!

*this contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook or any of it’s partners*

The Cutest Kid/Siblings Contest

Ok, so let’s face it…all of our kiddos are cute and there is absolutely no denying that! It’s time to show off those cuties and guess what the prize is…a free session!! That’s right, you read that correctly, a FREE session*!!!

There are 4 categories: Babies (newborn to 1 year), Toddlers (2 years to 4 years), Kids (5 years to 10 years) & Siblings (any ages from newborn to 18).

How to Enter :
•Email me a photograph of your cutie or cuties together at
•Be sure to add your name, your kid’s name and age
•All photos are due by July 27, 2011 at 11:59 PM
•If you have a child in each category you may enter them in each as well as the Sibling category (just another way to up your chances of winning a free session)

I will then spend the next several days straightening out the galleries and getting them ready for voting which will start on August 1, 2011. Voting will close on August 14, 2011, at 11:59 PM and on August 15, 2011, the winners will be announced! The top boy an girl from each group will win the freebie session and the top 2 sibling sets will take the prize!

The free sessions will take place on August 27, 2011, at the Lion’s Park across from HEB. Times for each session will be determined at a later date.

Get your pictures in ASAP for your chance to win!

{Rules for the voting process will be posted on July 31, 2011}

*Due to changes in policy, High Resolution CD’s/DVD’s may only be purchased after the minimum print credit of $25.00 has been met first. Sorry for the inconvenience.*