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Sweet A Turns Three {Guadalupe County – Seguin Child Portraiture}

Is it time for a themed birthday shoot yet!? Why yes it is!

Little Miss A has been a client since she was 9 months old, when I first opened shop. She is now three and for her birthday this year, she is having a carnival party! Lots of popcorn, cotton candy and your typical carnival games…like the one my kid loves most…get a ping pong ball in the bowl and you get to take home a fish! Yup, there was not only cotton candy and popcorn in this shoot but a big gold fish to boot!


This sweet girl is a blast! And like any girl, she definitely let’s me know when she’s done with me! But I will take her royal cuteness any day!

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Little Man C Turns Three {Guadalupe County – Seguin Child Portraiture}

It seems that March, April and May not only ring in spring but LOTS of birthdays!

Sweet little man C has turned three and I can’t believe how much he has grown since his second birthday! Last year he was very quiet and serious and wouldn’t smile for anything, no matter what I did. This year he was so full of giggles and smiles and into everything little boys like to get into…rocks and chunking them into the creek! He had a blast so I just let him roll with it!


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Adorable H Turns One {Guadalupe County – Seguin Child Portraiture}

And another adorable client turning one!! Adorable little H gave me some of my most favorite newborn shots and I find it hard to believe he is already one!!

Seriously, where did this last year go? For his shoot, we got to kill a cake!! It was a little bigger than what his mom wanted but we made good use of it and I think H loved it!


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Beautiful B Turns One {Guadalupe County – Seguin Child Portraiture}

It’s that time of year…I get nostalgic and realize its been a year since my first newborn clients have come to see me. It’s amazing how fast time flies!

It honestly seems like yesterday that I took Miss B’s newborn photos but alas…here she is in all her cuteness!


She is such a sweet girl and I just want to wish you a very happy first birthday B!

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A Little Family Fun {Guadalupe County – Seguin Family Portraiture}

Forgive me…I have been abnormally quiet! There has been a lot going on and my brain just doesn’t function as it should. I guess that’s really nothing new, but it just seems to be happening more often than not these days!

So, it’s time to play a little catch up! I have had several sessions since my last sneak peek and I think I really should post the new peeks now!

Say hello to my fab family that made it out for my springtime minis! I see these guys A LOT and I LOVE watching them and especially watching the kids grow! I also love that sweet girl A asks specifically for me to take her photos! I feel loved!

So enjoy this adorable family!

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Class Of 2012 – Michelle M {Hays County – San Marcos Portrait Photographer}

And the last of the gorgeous girls from last Saturday’s senior rep session!


I have known Michelle since she was maybe 6 or 7 years old! I worked with her older sister at the end of high school thru most of college days and she was always around! She was the cutest little kid! Absolutely adorable with her chubby little cheeks and curly hair and the manners…the girl had some major manners and behaved better than most adults I knew at the time!

She is now a gorgeous young woman and I suddenly feel very old. She is still sweet and well mannered and I hope she gets everything she wants out of life.

Congrats to all three of you gorgeous girls!

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Class Of 2012 – Michelle S. {Hays County Portrait Photographer – San Marcos}

More from the glamorous girls and the senior session I had last weekend!

Meet Michelle! She is a member of the Jr. ROTC and I read that she has recently enlisted! So thank you Michelle, for being one of the brave and being there to defend our country!


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Class Of 2012 – Kayla {Hays County – San Marcos, TX Portrait Photographer}

I have been busy and I am falling behind again! I seriously hate that sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day and that I am dog tired but it is shoots like these that really make it all worth it for me!

This past Saturday, I borrowed one of my old college friend’s baby sister and two of her friends for a Senior session! We had a BLAST! At least I know that I did! These girls are gorgeous and were so sweet and fun to work with that I really wouldn’t mind shoot them every weekend!

First up in the group is Kayla. So sweet and quite and yet willing to do just about anything! She even crawled into the river in 40 degree weather to play! Trust me I did not ask her to! She wanted to and was determined to go and I am glad that she did because I have some amazing shots of her playing in the water that I will be posting a bit later…I have two other gorgeous girls who portraits need to be resized and uploaded!

And now we have Kayla!

Valentine’s Baby!

Again, two more gorgeous kiddos!!

Little girl A has been in my portfolio since she was 9 months old and she is quickly headed toward 3!! I also had the privilege of meeting her new little brother who just turned 10 months. These two were so fun and even tho it was a little chilly (we had temps in the 80’s the day before), I still got some fun and utterly cute shots!!

So enjoy these little cuties and their gorgeous momma!!


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Be Mine

I have another little cutie to show you!!

I have had the privilege of shooting this handsome little man since he was a year and now he’s just turned 3!! I just love watching my clients grow up in front of me and I absolutely love being able to capture memories for them!

So without further ado, sweet boy P!!


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