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Independent Cuties

It’s not often that I post pictures of my kids or family for that matter….I have a crazy that won’t let things rest and well she’s the reason I tend to leave them off my blog. I have decided that I am not going to let her royal craziness have that part of my life anymore!

So with that said, this months blog challenge was red, white and/or blue. Now, I usually attempt to get themed pictures of the kids for all of the fun holidays we take part in. So of course for Independence Day we went with a full red, white and blue theme but kept it simple and casual. I really wanted to play with some sparklers but little man is definitely not ready to play with those (I have a tendency to forget he’s only 19 months old and not 2.5 or 3 like everyone seems to think when they guess his age)! Plus, he really doesn’t sit still on location shoots all that well either! He made me work for the whole 2 shots I got of him! My daughter is only good for so many as well so I have to be quick and ready with her!

This is what you get when you take the kids out to the park for a quick session…

Please continue on to Christine Neutgens to view the next photographer in the round robin challenge! From there you will be directed on to another photographer and so on until you get back to me! Hope you enjoy!!


The Girl Who Loved Purple

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a magical land! Not long ago (oh just days before Thanksgiving 2011) she received a gift…her very own room!

Her mother promised her that her room could be any color she desired (within reason) and the little girl pondered for a few days as to what color her room should be. Finally she came back to her mother and requested that her room be painted in her favorite color…PURPLE!

So those of you who know me, know that I have strict rules on character things. I don’t like Disney themed bedspreads and wall treatments and while we do have some character referenced items floating about, they aren’t the dominant reference in the room. The fact that it looks like Barney walked into her room and exploded is the main reference and boy it makes my eyes hurt but it makes her happy so why shouldnt I deal with a bit of purple for a while!?

The girl is absolutely nuts for purple. Everything from the walls to her backpack to her house shoes, even her tooth brush, hair brush and pajamas are purple!

I had to break things up throwing in a bit of pink and thankfully my mother found a bed set that combined both shades of purples and pinks.


This post is a part of the round robin blog challenge. Several members of a photo blog and myself are challenging ourselves to blog more by having a month challenge. This months theme was pink and/or purple. Please leave some love and then head in over to Tina Dominguez Photography to see what she has come up with for this challenge!

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The Birthday Girl

I had to share…my baby girl turned 6…well yesterday! I hate that she’s growing up on me but at the same time I love watching her learn new things and come into her own.

This is just a little peek at the family fun we had tonight when it was time for cake!


Happy New Year!

First off, Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season and that you all have a blessed new year to come!

Now, on to something that has been weighing on me. I have been going through my older pictures and scrapbooking our lives. I came across the birth of both of my children and realized something. The pictures from their births, while I will always cherish them, are nothing short of terrible. I’m not saying my hubby is a bad photographer or anything like that but when you are in a room where a lot is going on, you don’t concentrate on settings on the camera or whether you have framed the shot! I have little usable images from both of my kids birth-days and what saddens me absolutely none of the hubs and I enjoying the first meeting with our little man!

With my daughter we were looking at a quick birth (after 30 days of intense labor and lots of drugs to stop the preterm labor) and a lot going on in my delivery room. I got lucky and had all the new students doing their experience rounds on me! With all the people and commotion my husband barely remembered to pick up the camera! We only had a few visitors and by the time we were settled with her they were gone and we were so exhausted and didn’t even pick up the camera until just before we checked out!


Those, sadly are the only usable pictures from Gracyn’s birth-day.

It was a whole new ball game with my son! We were scheduled for an induction and you would think we would be prepared….we were not! This time there was an almost 5 year old to deal with in the room. She was cranky to say the least! Add on top of that the many visitors my hospital allowed in before I actually gave birth, the contractions that did nothing but make my tailbone feel like it was coming out of my back and a doctor that was way to bubbly for my liking and let’s just say the whole first half of my pictures aren’t even of me, the hubs or Gracyn!! Once it was time though, there was even more going on. The boy was huge and got stuck and then we thought he wasn’t breathing as he was beyond purple. Turned out he crashed into my pelvic bone and had a bruised face. Again the only images I have are what you will see below on top of a TON of blurry ones.


We had a lot to go through after he was born, due to his size and the bruising, jaundice set in quick. He had to have heel sticks every 2 to 3 hours because of his size to check his sugar. He had to be force fed every hour. I was tired and so was hubby and kidlet #1! There are no pictures of me or the hubby holding him!

Why am I telling you all of this? I would love to help you make one of the most important days of your life one of the most memorable! You will have a lot more than you can ever imagine going on and you will need someone to help you document that. I didn’t have that and I think every paren should be able to look back and say, “Wow! How awesome is it that you can see the complete raw emotion of the moment!!” I can’t say that and I want to offer that to you!

If you are interested in a birth photographer, please contact me using the link above and I will get back with to answer any questions you might have on how it works, pricing quotes and other questions you might have!

Enjoy your new year and stay safe!!

Birthday Boy

It’s not often that I post pictures of my little man. I don’t for reasons that do not need to be mentioned on my blog but as it is his birthday, I thought I would share his cuteness with the world today!

Say hello to my handsome one year old!! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It has gone by way to fast and he’s way to big! I miss the (not so) tiny baby that he was but look forward to the man he will become.


Happy birthday baby boy!!

All You need is Love…

Yes, I am musically driven and you will see more than one blog post with a song title! I always seem to find a way to make them work.

So, anywho, we went on vacation 2 weekends ago and I just realized thru everything that’s been going on that I never posted our family session! Oops! I need a larger photo template as I couldn’t even fit all of my favorites on here but oh well. Oh and this is probably one of the only times you will see in in front of the camera!

I can’t tell you where we were exactly, other than saying we were in Port Aransas somewhere! I found a spot I liked and took advantage of the setting sun and went to work. The summer haze is my new love and all I want to do is shoot at sunset now!

Well, enjoy and I will be back shortly with some nighttime shots I was working on at the beach our first night there as well as some fun shots from the aquarium!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

Titled seemed fitting for more than one reason and when you see the pictures in a few you will understand why!

This month has been really hard on me and I know the reason and because of that reason I have had a super hard time gathering my thoughts properly. I have my post for phase 2 all typed up but after re-reading it I have realized I cannot post it yet. You won’t understand anything that I have…I barely understand it and I wrote it!! So phase 2 is coming, I promise!

Now that being said…back to the busy…it’s been nuts around here and then on top of me getting sick well yeah I just haven’t had time for anything and because of that my photo challenge that I host over at Pure Photoshop Actions has been postponed until Sunday at 12 AM PST. You have 23 hours to get your entries in! So head over to the forum and join in on our fun!

This first challenge is all about the lollipops! All you have to do is be creative with them. I still have more photos to edit on this topic but alas I am no longer in the mood to stare at photoshop!

So here is my sweet girl loving on Plum Beary and that giant lolli!

Yes, she was sharing with Plum!

And I leave you with that! Good night fellow blog readers!

Just trying to figure out if I can post a pic from my phone!

My little bugs last month…