Rising Beauty

I have taken on a new love for nature and landscape photography.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something about nature that is soothing to me. I can pick up my camera and shoot. I don’t have to worry about where my subject is in relation to someone else, or how to pose it…I can just let it be.

The photos below fall in that soothing category for me. The moon as she was rising was amazing and the trees in my yard created a great effect until she was clear of them.


I decided to use these for my blue/yellow challenge this month and while I normally find something that contains both colors (this is normally just on accident that that happens) I could not find anything that fit both of these color combos.

I however am not required to use both in a challenge and how could I pass up the blue of the night sky!? It was absolutely gorgeous.

Now if you wouldn’t mind leaving a bit of love (as I truly appreciate it) and then heading over to visit Tina Dominguez (as she has come up with something amazing for you as well) as well as the other photographers in the challenge…we would greatly appreciate it!


One thought on “Rising Beauty

  1. Love this. So pretty!

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