Mommy & Me Mini Sessions


*Please add an additional $10.00 to your package for each additional family member.

+Refer a friend and receive an 11×14 print absolutely free!

Leave a message in the comment area below or use the form in the Contact section to request a time slot.

2.00-2.20 = Julie G.
2.30-2.50 =
3.00-3.20 =
3.30-3.50 =
4.00-4.20 =
4.30-4.50 =
5.00-5.20 =
5.30-5.50 =


3 thoughts on “Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

  1. Julie Green says:

    Hey lady! I guess we’ll take the 2:00 time slot. Yay! It’s 2 days before his 6 month birthday, perfect! 🙂

  2. Ot says:

    I want too, but is there any way you will be in town a little earlier? Kids b day party is at 3.

  3. Rhi says:

    OT,, I will be but it’s a busy day! Loo I will be with Wyatt at a birthday party at 11 so maybe we can shoot for 1030? And I will be running back and forth from the kids party to shoots hahaha!

    And Julie 2 is all yours!

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