I have been very quiet again. A lot has been going on around here form the daughter units 6th birthday party, the hubs heading off to work and my little man getting sick…it just never ends!

And, as you may have figured out, it’s that time of the month again! Another color challenge is upon us. This month’s theme is green and/or gold (yes thank St. Patty’s day for that one! ;p )

So I had been wondering what I could shoot and came across it the other day. The orchard completely dead was the perfect back drop! I know you are probably wondering how that could make the perfect backdrop, it’s dead and brown! That may be true but there was loads of gold to be seen as well as a ton of green! Enjoy my fields of gold!


Now that you have checked out my challenge piece, move on to the talented Tina Dominguez to see what she has come up with!


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