Class Of 2012 – Kayla {Hays County – San Marcos, TX Portrait Photographer}

I have been busy and I am falling behind again! I seriously hate that sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day and that I am dog tired but it is shoots like these that really make it all worth it for me!

This past Saturday, I borrowed one of my old college friend’s baby sister and two of her friends for a Senior session! We had a BLAST! At least I know that I did! These girls are gorgeous and were so sweet and fun to work with that I really wouldn’t mind shoot them every weekend!

First up in the group is Kayla. So sweet and quite and yet willing to do just about anything! She even crawled into the river in 40 degree weather to play! Trust me I did not ask her to! She wanted to and was determined to go and I am glad that she did because I have some amazing shots of her playing in the water that I will be posting a bit later…I have two other gorgeous girls who portraits need to be resized and uploaded!

And now we have Kayla!


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