Belated Holidays

Well, I am late on posting this but there has just been SO MUCH going on!

During the holidays I am a baking machine! There is no stopping me! With all that was going on this year, I didnt get to do near what I wanted to for all of the goodie boxes!

But, this was my attempt at getting some decent pics of all of the treats. I was in a rush so there is no method to the madness pics this year. Makes me sad but I will try when things get settled and I start working on Little Miss’ birthday party!

So for now, enjoy some yummy goodness!



4 thoughts on “Belated Holidays

  1. Your cookies look so yummy! My family and I always have a cookie baking day before Christmas and we bake 100+ cookies!

    • Rhi says:

      Holy cow girl!! I think I did just over 3 dozen and I usually do 5 or 6! Just didn’t have time this year. Next year tho there will be a whole slew of goodie pics from, during and after!

      And thank ya! They would have been prettier had I used tips but I was lazy and just cut the edges of plastic baggies! Oops hehehe!

      Rhiannon Tello George Sweet Emotions Photography

  2. rebeccarileyphotography says:

    No more looking at cookie posts in the middle of the night! lol….. now I want to bake 😉

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