Removing Some Things

I have been contemplating a lot of things as I sit and rework everything. I honestly am trying my hardest to make it so that my prices are fair but at the same time I am trying to make it so that I work for more than 5 dollars and hour, which is an over estimate on some of my sessions. I think people really do forget that this is my job. This is how I put food in my kids bellies and how we pay the bills. ::sigh:: Hopefully I won’t lose any of you wonderful clients with these changes!

That being said, back to the topic here! I have had my first booking for a full out follow me all day long wedding! I am excited and can’t wait for November to roll around!

I am going to de-clutter this site by removing anything that is engagement/wedding related. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I won’t be offering those services anymore. It simply means that I will be moving all of that information to a new home.

I have decided that there is just to much going on here to try an cram all of that information into one site. If I am getting confused, then I know you are. Don’t you like that I look out for you guys and try to keep you from being overly confused!

I will be linking you guys to the new home of Sweet Emotions Weddings when I get everything ready for transfer. It should all be up by next week at the latest!

Hope you guys are ready for the new year! There will be new locations, more dates for the popular mini sessions, new websites, more goodies, possible workshops and so, SO much more!!


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