Big Changes

It’s been a while. Life has literally been a little crazy for us.

So for those of you who don’t know, November was a horrid month for us. It started out with a move that would have been wonderful for us but that fell through. We then had to move in with my aunt while searching for a home and try to keep life normal for the kids. On top of that I had scheduled Christmas minis and then my step dad passed away and his less than wonderful family made life a nightmare for my mom! Then the week of Thanksgiving we got to move into our new home and I will be forever grateful to my grandfather for helping us out with that! It has been an ongoing onslaught of unpacking and repairing things not only in our home but the cottage that my mom will be moving into next door.

So with this move comes some big changes. Not only for me and the business but for you, my lovely clients.

Due to the move, my usual haunts are now past that 30 mile mark. Which means for you a small price hike. I am sorry, I really am, but it must be done. On the other hand, the move has opened up several new locations in the Seguin area which makes for cheaper sessions.

Another big change, later in 2012, is the on location gardens at my home as well as a mini studio for those wet, nasty, dreary days when you had a preschedule session and the weather just didn’t cooperate for us!

One more small change, portrait packages will be changing completely over to the point system to ensure that you get the most prints possible as well as exactly what you want. There will also be a few new goodies added to the list as well!

So there is a lot going on in 2012 and I can’t wait!!


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