Welcome Baby TATEr-tot!

He’s here!! So lil man Tate is here and man is he gorgeous! He didn’t want to cooperate with me completely but hey he is adorable so who cares, right!

I had the hardest time controlling myself when it came to preview as I almost posted them all!!

So without further ado…welcome baby Tate!

Oh how I love the summer sun and the awesome dreamy haze!

Oh dreamy, hazy summer sun…how I love you! And the adorable Tate rocks it so well!

Picture perfect!

I swear he’s praying here! “Lord, please don’t let her drop me!”

So in case you didn’t notice…the summer haze was ever present. Thank you big bay window and extremely hot but wonderful afternoon sun!

I just LOVE his room! The colors were awesome and totally set the mood for his shoot! Bright and warm and yet tranquil and comforting at the same time! Or maybe it’s just because I absolutely love yellow…no its just the way his awesome mommy has his room up!

So now I am off to bed as I am completely exhausted! Good night and enjoy!


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