Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

Titled seemed fitting for more than one reason and when you see the pictures in a few you will understand why!

This month has been really hard on me and I know the reason and because of that reason I have had a super hard time gathering my thoughts properly. I have my post for phase 2 all typed up but after re-reading it I have realized I cannot post it yet. You won’t understand anything that I have…I barely understand it and I wrote it!! So phase 2 is coming, I promise!

Now that being said…back to the busy…it’s been nuts around here and then on top of me getting sick well yeah I just haven’t had time for anything and because of that my photo challenge that I host over at Pure Photoshop Actions has been postponed until Sunday at 12 AM PST. You have 23 hours to get your entries in! So head over to the forum and join in on our fun!

This first challenge is all about the lollipops! All you have to do is be creative with them. I still have more photos to edit on this topic but alas I am no longer in the mood to stare at photoshop!

So here is my sweet girl loving on Plum Beary and that giant lolli!

Yes, she was sharing with Plum!

And I leave you with that! Good night fellow blog readers!


2 thoughts on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

  1. peachpi21 says:

    My daughter would like one of everything your girl has on or is holding.

    • Rhi says:

      To cute!!! I actually made her top and the tutu and found the lollipops at a candy store near my house and plum her daddy won out of the toy factory game at walmart! She is obsessed with purple right now and well of course a fit took place and daddy caved! If you would like a custom shirt or tutu just let me know! I was going to add those things to the store here shortly!

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